Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to be based near your offices to use your services?

Dotty About Accounts is designed to be used by small and micro businesses throughout the UK regardless of location.

You can send us your documents either through the Hubdoc app or by email or even by post. Once we’ve finished with your documents, we will send them back to you by tracked mail for safekeeping. We’re always available by email and telephone so you don’t need to worry about coming into the office. We’ve even got a local rate phone number so you won’t be charged any more no matter where you call from within the UK.

Do I need an initial consultation?

We aim to capture as much information about your business as possible when you sign up with us so from our point of view we don’t need to meet you. However, many people may have a lot of questions (particularly when they first start up in business). Feel free to give us a call on 0333 305 8772 before you sign up if you have any concerns you want to talk through.

What if I’m not sure whether to be a limited company or a sole trader?

This really depends on the type and size of business that you are running. Give us a call on 0333 305 8772 and we can send you a guide on the differences and chat about your choices.

What’s included in my accounts packages?

Head on over to the ‘What’s Included’ page which shows everything that’ll be provided in your dot-to-dot accountancy package. The information you give us about your business when you request a quote will determine which services you get. For instance, if you are VAT registered, we will automatically include your VAT returns when pricing for the quote.

When you sign up, you will be sent a welcome email which details exactly which services we think you need and have included. If you’re still not sure then give us a call on 0333 305 8772 and we can talk you through it.

What if my business grows? Can I add in other services?

Businesses never stand still and it’s no problem to us if your business develops and grows! If, for example, we haven’t included VAT returns or payroll in your initial package, and you later reach the point where you need to be VAT registered or take on staff, we’ll talk to you about changing your accounts package.

Can I sign up with you during my financial year?

Yes, of course. There will be a certain amount of catching up to do with your bookkeeping and as our monthly fees are priced to include services that we only do once a year we will ask you to pay for the backdated months.

For instance, if your financial year is April to March and you sign up in July, we will calculate the 12 months subscription and divide it by 9 equal payments (9 months July to March). After that, you’d be on the normal monthly fee.

What happens if my accounting year has already ended?

Our dot-to-dot accountancy package doesn’t cover the previous year’s accounts but you can head to our Annual Services page and sign up for the previous year through there. If you like us and want to continue with us then you could also sign up for our dot-to-dot accountancy package to cover you for the current year too. If you’re not sure about which annual service to choose then give us a call on 0333 305 8772.

Will my year end accounts be included in the package?

Yes, year end accounts are included in the dot-to-dot accountancy package as standard. All we ask is that you have paid at least 12 instalments (or the equivalent) of your monthly fee.

Am I tied in for a minimum length of time?

No, there isn’t a minimum contract period but we do ask that you give us one month’s notice in writing. As we will already have done a substantial amount of work, regrettably we won’t be able to refund any of the fees that you have already paid.

Do you outsource any of your accounting or bookkeeping activities?

The answer is a very emphatic no. We believe that providing you with a high quality service is more important than our bottom line profit so we absolutely do not outsource any of our work. All work is carried out in our UK head office by Dotty About Accounts employees.

Can I call and speak to the same person each time?

When you sign up you will be allocated to a team of 3 employees who you’ll be introduced to in your welcome pack. Everyone at Dotty About Accounts has different specialisms but generally our skills overlap. If you wanted to speak to someone about payroll and your allocated payroll contact isn’t available when you call, there will usually be someone else in your allocated team who you could talk to straight away.

What happens if I go over my transaction limit?

Every business is different so we have set a maximum transaction limit for bookkeeping of 35 transactions per month per employee for a sole trader and 75 transactions per month per employee for a limited company. When you sign up, you will be advised of your transaction limit. We’re not going to stop doing the work if you go slightly over your limit. However, if it becomes obvious to us that your business is routinely generating more transactions than the average, we’ll speak to you about it. If it’s an exceptional circumstance then it will be possible for you to purchase a transaction bolt on from us. If it’s an ongoing situation then we may ask you to increase your monthly accounts package.

How will I know what to send monthly?

Every small business is different so the information to be sent will vary from business to business. When you sign up, we’ll send you a generic checklist to help you identify what to send us each month plus a guide on what expenses you can claim.

Do I really have to send my information every month?

It’s up to you. Sending us information every month means that your books and accounts are always up to date and you’ll love getting the management reports each month which will give you an insight into how your business is doing. If you are VAT registered, we do insist you send everything by the 15th of the month when your VAT return is due so that we can guarantee to submit it in time for you.

Can I send my documents electronically?

You can send us your documents either by scanning and uploading to your Hubdoc account, taking a photo on the Hubdoc app on your phone or by email.

How quickly do I get my accounts back?

For monthly accounts, provided you can get your information to us by the 15th of the month, we will do our best to have your management reports sent over to you by the end of the month. If you use our monthly accounts service, we will aim to have your year end accounts sent to you within 6 weeks of your year end.

What happens to my bookkeeping documents?

Unusually, we actually prefer to keep your bookkeeping documents for the year that we are working in (yes, they do take up a lot of space)! We think this is necessary in order to provide you with a quality accountancy service. If you need a copy of anything, we can always scan it and send it over to you. After we have completed the year end work, we will send your (nicely organised!) documents back for you to file away for safekeeping. We will of course send your original source documents back by tracked mail.

I’ve tried to get a quote and get different prices depending on the options I’ve highlighted. How do I know which options I need?

We like to have different choices for our customers. However, some choices you make when using our get a quote feature will significantly increase the quote price. If you would like to send your own sales invoices and keep track of your debtors and creditors, this requires a higher level specification of software and is quoted for accordingly. If you only send a few sales invoices, it may be worth thinking about doing these on either excel or word and not having them within your accounts package.

Can I send sales invoices to my customers?

It is possible for you to send very professional looking invoices to your customers through the Xero software package if you choose this option when you sign up. Just be aware that this option significantly increases the quote provided as it requires a different level of software.

Can I have access to my bookkeeping records?

We provide you with either read-only or invoice-only access to the Xero software package we use to process your bookkeeping. This means that you can see where the figures come from when you get your monthly reports. It also means that in the unlikely event you decide to leave us, we can transfer your bookkeeping records simply and easily over to you.

Can you deal with HMRC on my behalf?

For our dot-to-dot accountancy packages we will always endeavour to be authorised by HMRC to act on your behalf for all of the services that we provide for you. This means that we can check your tax account (dependent on what type of tax), speak to HMRC on your behalf and do lovely things like submit your VAT return for you.

Can I do my own bookkeeping?

We honestly believe through years of experience that it is better and easier for us to do your bookkeeping in order to prepare your year end accounts and tax returns. However, if you think your bookkeeping is spot on and you still want to use our services then you can either purchase your year end accounts through our annual services page or give us a call on 0333 305 8772 for a quote.