We’re contacted, almost on a daily basis, by companies based out of the country offering to do some of our book-keeping and payroll, quite often at rates which are way below our national minimum wage.

Whilst this is oh so tempting in that we can dramatically increase our profit margins, it is something that we would never ever do for a number of reasons:

We believe in offering a quality service to our clients.  Every piece of work in our office is checked by a team leader before it goes out to you in the form of management reports or VAT returns or year end accounts/tax returns.  To maintain quality control of the data we need this work to be carried out in our office so that everything is traceable and carried out in the same way.  We have quality processes in place here which we wouldn’t be able to enforce if the work was to leave the office.

We believe in accountability and transparency.  If you, the client, has a query about how the accounts are put together, you should be able to speak to the person in our office who has actually carried out the work.  This wouldn’t be possible if we outsourced the work.

We believe your data is important and actually very precious.  Sending your data out of the office, with no control over who has access to it, is absolutely unthinkable.  We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and take data protection very seriously.

We believe in trust.  Our clients trust us to keep their data safe and carry out their work diligently.  I (Helen) absolutely trust the staff that are working in the office to carry out the work in this manner. By subcontracting the work out of the office we would be breaking our contract of trust with our clients and probably a whole load of GDPR Regulations.

Finally, we believe that paying staff below the minimum wage (even if they are abroad and so not subject to our legislation) is just plain wrong.


If you have any queries about how we protect your data, please feel free to give us a call on 0333 305 8772.


Helen Fielding

18 May 2018