There are so many accounting softwares on the market now that it has become an absolute minefield. Some are desktop based and are stand alone. Some are cloud based. Some are quite expensive and then there are others that are even free!

A couple of years ago we were in the situation whereby we had many clients on different softwares bringing in their books for the year end. As well as having to do the accounts preparation for these clients, we were also having to try and figure out the different softwares as well. This actually became quite unmanageable which is why we decided that we were going to try and go down the line of one book-keeping software for our clients and transfer them all on to it.

Some of the software on the market is great for the user but not so friendly for the accountant, such as Quickbooks or Free Agent. Other software is great for the accountant but not so easy for the end user, such as Sage. Any desktop versions quickly become out of date and it becomes tricky in that the client’s version has to be the same as our version and it’s actually quite costly for everyone to upgrade all the time. This is why we decided that we definitely needed a software that was cloud based so that everyone would have access to the same version.

When we first came across Xero we were very sceptical. Could it really be this easy and still provide the functionality and reporting functions needed to produce accurate accounts? Anyway, we thought we’d give it a go and have never looked back! We absolutely and passionately believe that Xero is the best and most progressive accounting product on the market at the moment. Whilst it certainly isn’t the cheapest, we have found that with the time saving features it has, it is just as cost effective and well worth the additional money.

We have spent the past 2 years converting our existing clients onto Xero and are only offering accounting services to new clients if they use Xero. We have Xero bronze partner accreditation which means that we’re actually quite good at it. In order to maintain this accreditation, all staff in the office have to undertake roughly 20 hours per year of specific Xero training. If we invested this much time each in a lot of different softwares then quite frankly we wouldn’t have any time left to do the work.

Our dot-to-dot accountancy package includes either read only or invoice only access to Xero. We’re confident that once you sign up with us and see the beautiful reports you get each month you’ll be pleasantly surprised. To find out more about our dot-to-dot accountancy package check out the “What’s included” page or give us a call on 0333 305 8772.


Helen Fielding

15 February 2018