Limited company accounts from just

£50 per month, plus VAT

If you don’t think you need monthly accounting and support and would just like your limited company accounts and corporation tax return to be completed annually then this might be the service for you. So how does it work?

Complete your book-keeping, either on Xero or on an excel spreadsheet, using your source documents which could be: -

  • Purchase and sales invoices and records
  • Receipts
  • Mileage logs
  • Business relevant bills
  • Company lease agreements
  • Business bank statements
  • VAT returns for VAT registered businesses

and basically anything else you think might be relevant!

Let us know when it’s all ready and send us a copy of your bank statements by email.

We’ll prepare your micro entity accounts, corporation tax return and send it all to you to be signed. Once you’ve signed them, we’ll then submit them to Companies House and HMRC on your behalf and send you confirmation that it’s been done.

Dot.Com Terms & Conditions


dot.com – Micro Entity Accounts and Corporation Tax Return only: £50 per month, plus VAT
Add: Xero cashbook (for non-VAT registered companies): £59 per month, plus VAT
Add: Xero cashbook (for VAT registered companies): £63 per month, plus VAT
Add: Xero standard version with Hubdoc receipts app: £78 per month, plus VAT

Xero cashbook is a simplified version of Xero which is only available through accountants. You will not be able to produce sales invoices on Xero cashbook so if this is a facility that you needed you would have to opt for the Xero standard version.

We would expect dot.com customers to complete full book-keeping for their company. This can either be on Xero or on a spreadsheet. Any work required to complete the book-keeping would be charged at our standard hourly book-keeping rate.

dot.com packages run in conjunction with your own financial year. We require 12 months worth of subscriptions in order to complete your tax return. If you join mid year, we would pro rata the monthly fee so that the full 12 months is paid by the end of the year (so if your year goes from April to March and you join in July, we would divide the annual fee by 9 months). From the following April, the fees would revert to the standard monthly rate. If you are looking for us to complete work for the previous year, please give us a call for a submission only quote.

Just a Little Reminder

Just a little reminder. Remember you don’t get the ongoing support, including guidance about the dividends that you’re taking from the business, that you’d receive if using our dot-to-dot package. While we can take care of filing with HMRC and Companies House, this service does not enable us to act as your agent. The dot.com service is a great option for limited companies that only need a straightforward one-off submission service annually but if you think you might need a bit more involvement from us, check out our What’s Included page to help you make the best decision for your situation.

If you’ve any questions then do get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help. Contact us

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If you simply need your limited company accounts and corporation tax return completed annually then this could be the service for you!

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