Annual accountancy services for small business

You’ve probably realised by now that we’re big advocates of the benefits of clearing your accounting paperwork each month. We know from experience how beneficial our small business clients find the ongoing control they get from the monthly accounting updates they receive. They also like the fact that year end accounts and tax returns are completed quickly with none of the last minute panic that comes from frantically pulling together accounting information or even finding it in the first place! And knowing that they can call on us to act on their behalf when it comes to talking to or corresponding with HMRC can be a huge relief.

But we do recognise that for some people, a monthly support package might not be quite what they’re after. You might simply want a submission-only service instead. That’s why we also provide the option of using one of our annual services which are:


Sole trader accounts from just £25 per month, plus VAT

Are you a sole trader who doesn’t have a huge amount of paperwork to deal with and you’re pretty efficient at record keeping? If you simply need a set of accounts providing and your tax return completed, our dot.sole service could be the answer.

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Your tax return completed for £12.50 per month, plus VAT

Our dot.tax service is perfect if you have a very simple tax return to file but you don’t want the hassle of having to spend ages completing it all yourself.

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Dormant accounts filed for just £65, plus VAT

Have you incorporated a limited company but never actually traded through it? You still need to file your accounts with Companies House so why not use Dotty About Accounts to sort it all out for you?

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Limited company accounts from just £50 per month, plus VAT

If you simply need your limited company accounts and corporation tax return completed annually then this could be the service for you!

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We offer all these options as submission-only services. That’s why they are at such low prices and it’s really important you’re aware that we can’t offer the unlimited email and telephone support you’d get with a monthly package, or act on your behalf with HMRC except for filing returns.

If you want to remind yourself about what our monthly dot-to-dot package provides in case it could be more suitable for you then pop over to our What’s Included page.